About Victor Makras

Real estate broker Victor Makras believes that highest standards in ethics must be used in the real estate business. Chief Executive and Principal of his own real estate firm, Makras Real Estate, Victor Makras specializes in the buying and selling of homes, as well the marketing of recently built residential units and property management. A variety of clients have employed Victor Makras as their realtor, including two former San Francisco mayors, an Academy Award winner, and a local news anchor. Victor Makras founded Makras Real Estate on a code of ethics not only to establish fair competition with other realtors, but also to serve the company’s customers in the best way possible. Adhering to his firm’s ethical conduct, Victor Makras does not make false or misleading claims against any other realtor or business. Victor Makras also does not engage in practices that might contradict the standards of another realtor he works with. Should disputes arise between realtors, Victor Makras submits the arguments to the appropriate board members so that the problems may be solved fairly and efficiently. In terms of the client, Victor Makras regards a customer’s interests the most important part of a business agreement. He will work with the client and anyone else necessary to enact the customer’s wishes. Victor Makras accepts any customer regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, familial status, disability or handicap. Makras real estate also provides reasonable accomodations if they or their family members have a disability or handicap. In an effort to create a trusting and transparent relationship between broker and client, Victor Makras also provides fully detailed contracts to all parties involved in a transaction. Victor Makras strives to make sure the he and his employees at Makras Real Estate remain a leading San Francisco real estate team known for its good business practices.


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