First-time Seller’s Guide to Real Estate, Part 2

January 3, 2011

by Victor Makras

First-time Seller’s Guide to Real Estate, Part 1 here

In the final segment of our first-time seller’s guide, we dispense a few final pieces of practical selling advice.

Tip #6: Make Yourself Scarce
When buyers visit a home for a showing, they want to leisurely stroll through the house without its occupants around to distract them. Arrange plans and activities during showings so visitors feel comfortable looking around your home. Before you leave, make one last cleaning sweep through your home; get rid of clutter, and hide personal effects.

Tip #7: Understand Your Market
Throughout the process, your real estate agent has likely helped you study and understand the seller’s market. This should help you understand selling trends, such as what buyers do and do not want in a home. Follow those trends to make your home as appealing as possible.

Ask your real estate agent to help you understand your competition; other homes similar to yours are probably on sale as well. Study these homes, find out what makes their prices higher or lower than your own, and decide if you should take similar measures in setting the price of your residence.

Tip #8: Be Realistic
Knowledge of the market will help you determine a feasible price for your property. Do not aim too high if homes in your area are not selling at certain prices, but do not aim too low either; properly priced homes sell !!!


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